1954 Austin Healey BN1 100/4

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  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-33
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-34
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-35
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-36
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  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-39
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-40
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-41
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-42
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-43
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-44
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  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-46
  • 1954-Austin-Healey-BN1-100-4-Carmine-Red-47

Carmine Red on Black | Roadster | 4 Speed Manual Overdrive | 2.7 litre 4 cylinder | 69,495 miles showing | AU$99,995

WPCS 2.1.0

With nothing to stop the Austin Healey 100/4’s ability to reach 100mph, the 1950’s sportscar is considered to deliver the most original and most pure driving experience of all the big Healey’s- agile, punchy and incredibly versatile.

With muscular styling, a tarmac tearing 90hp engine which racing historian Griffith Borgeson wrote "Such high torque at low engine speed is one of the competition assets of the Austin-Healey. Another is its durability", independent front suspension with live rear-axle and leaf-springs, lightweight steel construction, a racy lay-down windscreen and an engaging 3 speed manual transmission with overdrive the 100/4 had manufacturers like MG, Triumph and Jaguar scrambling to keep up. The BN1 also fawent racing and in 1952 entered the 24hrs of Le Mans finishing in 12th and 14th places, an incredibly noteworthy achievement for what were essentially mildly modified road cars.

CTS is excited to present such a lovely example during the summer months.

Available to the classic sportscar market is this August 54’ built 100/4 BN1 for Austin Distributors of Melbourne Australia.

According to the British Motor Heritage Trust Certificate, the Healey was originally painted in old English white with Red trim and hood making this a rare Aussie-delivered big Healey. In 1997, the car underwent a comprehensive bare-metal restoration in Adelaide when it changed to its current colour scheme. Sold into Queensland in 2003, the owner had the car extensively refurbished in 2015/2016 where the main mechanical items were completely overhauled leaving the body and interior still in impeccable condition.

The Healey presents in stunning condition throughout, with chrome wire wheels as shiny as new, the leather interior as rich as ever and the engine bay clean and colourful.

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