1954 Land Rover Series 1

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February 13, 2023
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February 13, 2023
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Land Rover Green | Utility | 4 Speed Manual | 2.0 litre | 41,178 miles showing | AU$89,995

WPCS 2.1.0

A leading character of British automotive history driven by Royals, fox hunters and urban guerrillas alike, the Land Rover Series vehicles later being named the Defender have earned a cult following for their never say die, rugged dependability.

Its signature design remained largely unchanged for nearly 70 years but as of the 29th January 2016 production came to an end, as all good things must.

Available here is the original and the best Land Rover Series 1 designed by Maurice Wilks and offered in the iconic Land Rover Green.

Loaded with English character this original right hand drive, CKD (Complete Knock Down) Australian delivered Land Rover is the generation leading the charge for this classless car’s tsunami like resurgence in popularity today.

This super 1954 Landie was sold new by Annand & Thompson Australia. Looking better than it did when it left that factory,it has recently received a full nut and bolt restoration by GB Restorations Australia.

This later 'lights through grille' Series 1 still carries many of its original and hard to find features including all Jaeger instrumentation and even the correct Britax and Lucas lamps

All tell-tale signs of a very well restored car that also benefits from a new, period correct Exmoor Trim full canvas hood.

Looking like it just rolled of the assembly line, it's time to don the old Belstaff jacket and tackle some tough terrain. With short overhangs and great wheel travel, this can go anywhere classic looks just as much at home on the farm as it does on the concours lawn and in the city.

With production now ceased for this global icon, Land Rovers of any vintage present a seriously good investment opportunity, especially the earliest editions with prices poised to skyrocket.

A legend that has carried people to the most remote corners of the world and brought them safely home again, this rare Series 1 Land Rover is prepped and ready for your next adventure.

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