1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

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Rosso Alfa Romeo | Coupé | 4 Speed Manual | 1.3 litre 4 cylinder | 28,555 miles showing | SOLD

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When a Blue Giulietta Sprint prototype was launched in April of 1954 at the Turin Motor Show, Alfa Romeo had no idea of the demand the brilliant GT would garner, and after a few days orders had to be suspended.

Featuring a spritely 1.3 litre all alloy version of Alfa’s classic twin-cam four designed by Ferrari engineer Giuseppe Busso, superb chassis control (it’s here the Alfa really excels), and of course the eye-catching Bertone body with masterful build quality, it’s no wonder this sportster was a smash hit then as it is today.

For New Yorker Mr Ernest Santariello, this was the same case. Writing to Alfa Romeo on April 1961, he spoke about a plan to purchase a Gulietta Sprint in Italy and drive it on a beautiful holiday around Europe. By October that year, Signore Santariello took delivery of his lovely Giulietta in Roma.

Registered with Italian export number plates EE 28290 and still on the car today, Ernest set off for his month tour, racking up 3,439 miles before being loaded onto the Cristoforo Columbo bound for New York. Records show the car was active up until 1977 with 27,365 miles to then enter storage for 39 years before ownership changing for the first time.

Impressively Mr Santariello kept and documented every single piece of paper work. From airline tickets to letters, booklets from Alfa Romeo and car clubs, to brochures, pamphlets and handwritten planner with every mile logged. This has all been carefully and perfectly kept in 3 big folders.

The current owner purchased the classic beginning of 2020 and with delays from COVID, it finally arrived in October to begin recommissioning by a long time Alfa Romeo specialists and engineering shop. This 101 series coupe is totally original. Only the exterior has had some paint but in the original colour. Every part of the car has been kept in fantastic condition considering the 63 year old age. Although delivered in 1961, a check of the chassis number reveals it has been built in 1959.

The Italian classic drives extremely well making for such a special experience. Just one look over the car and the history file, it is quickly realised what a very rare & unique opportunity this is for any collector or Alfa aficionado.

We congratulate the next owner who was quick enough to secure such a special piece of Italian Automotive history.

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