1964 Jaguar E-Type Roadster Lightweight

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February 5, 2018
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February 14, 2018
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Navy | Roadster | 5 Speed Manual | 3.8 litre | 000280 miles showing | AU$569,995

WPCS 2.1.0

The general consensus amongst die hard gearheads within the motoring world would indicate that the most engaging era of racing was centred in the 50’s and 60’s.

You can still hear redlines being annihilated, back-fire like a gun fight in the wild west echoing around the track and the smell of oil and burning rubber in the air. Back then, the rules were simple, “There are no rules” - What a time to be alive.

THE car that comes to mind when we think of racing in the 50’s leads us directly to the D-Type, Jaguars tail-sliding, flame-throwing brainchild that should’ve been locked up in a madhouse since it was birthed.

Fast forward to the 60’s and after filling trophy cabinets from the world’s most esteemed race titles, Jaguar released another perfect storm- the most beautiful car ever made – The Series 1 E-Type. But it needed some racing spice.

Jaguar, demanding to update the D-type, established a team to create a race edition of the new E-Type. Enter, the E-Type Lightweight.

Enclosed with an ultra-light aluminium body and with an engine block carved out of a single piece of aluminium mated to a ZF 5-Speed manual transmission Jaguar had created a more than worthy successor to the vaunted D-Type. Just 18 Lightweight’s were ever scheduled to be produced with Jaguar only completing 12.

With so few available today, purchasing an original Lightweight is accompanied by the ultimate price tag. In response, enthusiasts began commissioning specialists to produce their own “Lightweight” builds.

Available now is a car that’s been judiciously designed, prepared and built to the highest standards over a period of 3 years, a leading edge homage to the original.

The body, totally constructed of aluminium by U.K. based specialist, Simon Dunford of Classic Jaguar Racing features subtle ‘Lightweight’ details that goes as far as the masterfully crafted aluminium door hinges and boot lid – Zero expense was spared for this bespoke build.

The body was then paired with a totally restored Series 1 3.8 litre E-Type rolling chassis with its original numbers still stamped in the rail and still fitted with its original build plate.

Equipped with an FIA sanctioned straight-six 3.8L aluminium block hand crafted by the historic racing motor powerhouse Crosthwaite & Gardiner and notably coupled with a very rare wide-angle head adding to its extensive list of exclusive additions including Triple Weber Carburettors, custom alloy radiator and alloy header tank identical to the original car.

The gearbox, similar to the original is a T5 5-speed manual featuring an all alloy casing nearly identical in appearance and function to the original using an E-Type bellhousing, mounting, tail shaft and shifter.

All of this combined, the drive and road presence of this recreation is peerless. A curb weight of just 1,050 kilograms and a mouth-watering 333 horsepower, the E-Type is absurdly fast. Throttle response is immediate, torque is tongue-biting and the acceleration glues you to the seat.

The donor cars original suspension was dismantled, zinc plated and totally rebuilt with new polyurethane bushes, ball joints, eccentric camber/castor top fulcrum shaft as per factory specification. Uprated torsion bars, adjustable GAZ shock absorbers, a larger front sway bar and quick rack steering was also installed.

Brakes were upgraded to vented front and rear disc rotors fitted with specially designed E-Type alloy racing callipers at the front and rear. Cooling ducts, as per the original Lightweight, are built-in front and rear as well.

Fitted with 15 inch cast Magnesium wheels, 9 inches wide at the rear, 7 at the front - the same arrangement as the original, almost immediately you notice this is no ordinary E-Type.

With all parts shipped to Australia for assembly by leading Jaguar specialist, Gavin King of Concours Sportscar Restorations the body was then painted in navy blue with a slight hint of metallic fleck and the interior panels were left as exposed aluminium.

The cockpit features red leather bucket seats that lock you into a thoroughly engaging driving position, OEM timber rimmed steering wheel, the fabled series 1 aluminium centre console and Smiths instrumentation.

Accompanying the car is a comprehensive history, detailing the entire build as well as the original heritage certificate for the donor car provided by Jaguar Heritage.

A rare opportunity to get behind the wheel of a, road/race-ready and masterfully crafted Aluminium Jaguar E-Type at a fraction of the cost of the original this exciting roadster is perfectly prepped to breathe fire into your weekends.

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