1964 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL

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March 16, 2023
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Horizon Blue | Roadster | 4 Speed Automatic | 2.5 litre 6 cylinder | 82,914 miles showing | AU$199,995

WPCS 2.1.0

The W113 SL was built to exceptional standards, from cast-aluminium door shells to individually numbered alloy bonnet, boot lid, hood cover and door skins.

Way ahead of its time in the combination of sporting performance and touring comfort that it offers, it seems delicate but is a masterful endurance rally car – as proven by winning the gruelling 1964 Spa-Sofia-Liège.

The W113 was always glamorous and expensive (twice as much as a 4.2 E-Type), with Charlton Heston and John Lennon among star owners in period. John Travolta, David Coulthard, Jason Orange and Kate Moss have added more recent flair to the model.

Such is the truly excellent build quality of the SL's, and indeed all Mercedes-Benz products from the 1960s.

We are very excited to bring to market this lovely Horizon Blue 230 SL… well thats what the badge says.

After being purchased in July of 2013 as a lovely restored example of a 230 SL the owner was left wanting a little bit more. The thought of selling the 230 and buying a 250 or 280 came to mind but the condition and quality of the made it hard to part with and after much thought and consideration the decision was made to swap in a beautifully rebuilt 2.5 litre 6 cylinder from a 250 SL. In the process of swapping the engine a lot of effort was made to bring the engine bay up to the standard of the rest of the car which can be confirmed through the level of documentation and receipts kept from the restoration. The extra power also transformed the drive and turned it into a lovely weekend cruiser.

Enjoyed sparingly over the last decade the car still acts and drives as if it's just returned from its restoration. Forever collectable and so perfectly usable for weekend getaways with the roof up or down, this beautifully presented 250 SL in disguise is one for the savvy collector.

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