1966 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2

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August 27, 2021
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British Racing Green | Fixed Head Coupé | 4 Speed Manual | 4.2 litre | 22,157 miles showing | SOLD

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There’s little to no contest over what is the greatest classic sports car ever made but which E-Type is the best at putting Spitfire DNA into the hands of the classic driver?

Answering exhaustive demand, Jaguar introduced a more refined yet more powerful 4.2 litre E-Type in October of 1964 to critical acclaim - not an easy thing to do after the successes of the 3.8 litre.

Whilst still retaining its original and unrivalled aerodynamics, disc brakes, and independent suspension at all four wheels the E-Type was famous for, maximum power was now reached earlier at rpm’s with more usable point and shoot torque.

Atop the increase in torque, the 4.2L also received a new all fully synchro-mesh transmission, new vacuum boosters improving braking response and the interior was treated to new body moulded seating.

The result produced an uncompromising and more tractable/comfortable sports car that matched Jaguars motto of grace, pace and space to a T.

Available here is the perfect driver, presented in the most desirable colour combination of British Racing Green over Green Connelly leather trim and arguably the most desirable E-Type ever made – a 1966 Jaguar E-Type Coupé 4.2.

The subject of a detailed restoration some years ago, today this E-Type still features many correct and original parts from the original Lucas tail-light lenses, correct chrome bumpers with overriders and chrome wire wheels to the correct wiring clips inside the engine bay along with the original Lucas electricals and SU carburettors.

Inside the cockpit, finer details like the correct Smiths instrumentation, iconic toggle switch gear that never loses its novelty, smooth timber steering wheel and leather centre console all show indicative signs of an expertly restored car, owned by a true enthusiast.

The way this car drives is perhaps its best attribute. The throttle response is instant and the pedal feel is well balanced, as though they’re all cut from one piece. The steering feels quick and solid in your hands and the exhaust note from the rear is something else.

This E-Type is perfect for threading country roads where you can really sink your teeth into what makes this the greatest sports car ever made.

Accompanied by an original service manual and receipt for modern servicing, with a recent thorough check over of the entire car replacing universal joints, hoses within the cooling matrix, suspension bushes, and ignition leads this car is well heeled and prepped to drive off the showroom floor.

Not just a collector’s item, this E-Type is the perfect weekend getaway car and a time machine that delivers that totally engaging analogue driving experience modern day cars seem to have abandoned. A drive is a must.

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