1966 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL

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June 15, 2023
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  • 1966-Mercedes-Benz-230SL-silver-55
  • 1966-Mercedes-Benz-230SL-silver-56

Classic Silver | Roadster | 3 Speed Automatic | 2.3 litre | 00771 miles showing |

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The handsomely styled Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagoda SL is one of the most collectable, eminently usable and universally loved classics ever to grace the road.

Offering the perfect combination of Benz race-bred pedigree and timeless architecture the 230, 250 and 280 SL’s are a testament to brilliant design and are destined to remain a popular and coveted car for generations to come.

We are very excited to bring to market this exceptionally well restored Australian delivered 230 SL in the excellent colour combination of Classic Silver over a Black interior. Accompanied with its hard top as well as its original wallet, extensive Mercedes-Benz and specialist service history and a portfolio full of receipts, it shows the pride and care taken from the previous owners.

The unmistakable shape of the Pagoda is easily recognizable and is still one of the best looking Mercedes Benz’s around. 48,912 Units where produced in Stuttgart from 1963-71. Popular across the globe, the SL models are becoming very collectable.

A short drive is all it takes to see how petrol heads and classic car devotees alike have fallen in love with the 1960’s SL range. Perfectly at home darting in and out of inner city streets and with long legs and comfort for grand touring cruising speeds too there isn’t a better classic proposition available.

With enquiries on Pagoda’s running out the door we are sure this won’t stay on the market for long so please contact one of the team and book an appointment.

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