1968 Porsche 911 S

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April 29, 2023
1986 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera
April 29, 2023
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Bahama Yellow | Coupé | 5 Speed Manual | 2.0 litre Flat Six | 6,419 Indicated Miles | AU$449,995

WPCS 2.1.0

The short-wheelbase 911s are irresistible. In its day, the 1967 911 Super was the club racer’s choice, the sort you’d hammer at the track all weekend and then drive home.

Launched in 1967 the “S” was the sportiest of the 911 range powered by a 2.0 litre six which is fed by two triple-choke Weber IDS carbs and tuned for peak torque at 5200 rpm, with little dropoff in power until the 7200-rpm redline.

We are very excited to have this exceptionally restored factory RHD 911 S on our showroom floor.

Bought new with the money wired over from the sale of his Renault 8 Gordini an Australian expat found himself the owner of a very hard to come by UK delivered Bahama Yellow 911 S. He knew that if he enjoyed the car in the UK for a couple of years he would be able to bring the car home with him tax free, and that's exactly what he did.

After bringing the 911 S back to Australia he held onto it for a number of years until selling it to a owner of a body shop. It was stripped and prepped for restoration but that's how it sat for nearly 40 years until it was uncovered by a curious customer of the shop.

He discovered that it was a 911 S and was able to confirm this by the chassis number, after some investigation he was also able to uncover the original engine and knew that it was a car worthy of a nut and bolt restoration.

The body was completely stripped back and resprayed to its original Bahama Yellow. The interior was in wonderful original condition so was reinstalled as is and the last piece of the puzzle being the engine had a no cost rebuild by John Gregory.

Above 5000 rpm, the wonderfully snarly flat-six propels the 911 in a way that belies its stated 160 horsepower. It’s not just the engine that gets the tick of approval; the nose of the car darts any direction you point the wheel and puts modern cars to shame with just how much feel comes back through the steering wheel and seat.

Coming with its original owners manual all stashed away in its Porsche wallet gives you a glimpse back to 1967 when the car was delivered new. Don’t miss the chance to see this lovely 911 S in the flesh and drop by our showroom.

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