1968 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL

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December 11, 2022
1969 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL
December 14, 2022
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Papyrus White | Roadster | 4 Speed Automatic | 2.8 litre Straight 6 | 38,025 miles showing | SOLD

WPCS 2.1.0

The handsomely styled Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagoda SL is one of the most collectable, eminently usable and universally loved classics ever to grace the road.

Penned by Paul Bracq, the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL was the final, best performing and most refined iteration of the Pagoda Roof W113 SL series cars.

Offering the perfect combination of Benz race-bred pedigree and timeless architecture the 230, 250 and 280 SL’s are destined to remain a popular and coveted car for generations to come.

The 280 SL is the third iteration of the 113 series benefitting primarily from a larger engine but also offered four-wheel disc brakes and a beautifully restyled interior with contemporary chrome switches, dials and door release catches, power steering, reclining seats and a large boot as standard. The 280 SL also featured a much more civilised and quieter ride, shorter gearing ratios, improved rust proofing and more torque than its predecessors.

The car offered is an exceptionally well maintained Australian delivered 280 SL finished in the delightful colour combination of Papyrus White over Black MB Tex trim and optioned with the more desirable 4 speed automatic transmission and air-conditioning.

In parts at a time from 2011 to 2015, this lovely example has been subjected to comprehensive and professional restoration work.

Using a combination of genuine Mercedes-Benz parts along with expertly refurbished period pieces this 280 SL still features all of it’s hard to find original pieces like the hand-made timber inserts atop the dash, the totally restored Becker Mexico radio and Bakelite Mercedes-Benz steering wheel, even the correct MB stamped fuel filler cap, the first-aid kit and original tools are all still present.

A testament to how well this car has been cared for, the overall condition is nothing short of outstanding. From the flawless and dynamic paintwork that highlights all of the subtle and distinctly pagoda bodylines to the well-appointed interior with switches and dials that never lose their novelty and plush pile carpets so neatly fitted.

Accompanying the car is the original owner’s manual and replacement maintenance booklet from 1986 at 85,655 miles but still outlines most of the dealership servicing completed. Also included is a large folder detailing the data card showing the car is in its original specifications and options from factory and also all of the receipts and paper work of all the maintenance and restoration work carried out on the Pagoda.

The car has received meticulous care since new, both the hard top and soft-top, the original keys, radio operation and original tool roll full so often lost with time are all perfect.

Forever collectable and so perfectly usable for weekend getaways with the roof up or down, this beautifully presented 280 SL Pagoda is one for the savvy collector.

A rare opportunity to own one of the best 280 SL’s in Australia and just in time for summer, this example is perfectly prepped to escape mundane with today.

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