1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
November 25, 2021
1967 Aston Martin DB6 Mk1 Vantage
February 10, 2022
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-1
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-2
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-3
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-4
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-5
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-6
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-7
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-8
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-9
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-10
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-11
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-12
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-13
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-14
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-15
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-16
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-17
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-18
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-19
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-20
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-21
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-22
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-23
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-24
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-25
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-26
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-27
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-28
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-29
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-30
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-31
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-32
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-33
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-34
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-35
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-36
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-37
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-38
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-39
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-40
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-41
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-42
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-43
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-44
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-45
  • 1971-Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1750-Light-Grey-Metallic-46

Metallic Light Grey | Coupé | 5 Speed Manual | 1.750 litre In-line 4 | 40,446 miles showing |

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"Every time I see an Alfa Romeo pass by, I raise my hat" - Henry Ford

In 1963, Alfa Romeo introduced the 105 series Giulia model igniting a purple patch of automotive engineering.

Penned by a 22 year-old Giorgetto Giugiaro at the Bertone design house, the Giulia's distinct architecture is considered one of the most beautiful automotive designs of the 1960s.

It featured a now legendary rev-happy all aluminium twin-cam, four-cylinder engine mated to a crispy 5 speed manual transmission, a superb chassis, lightweight rear live axle and disc brakes all round held within a coupé body that weighs just 1200 kgs.

This sensational Australian delivered, original right-hand drive and numbers matching Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV is an amazing and ready-to-go opportunity.

The history accompanying the car shows meticulous maintenance through to today and only a handful of owners, each holding the car for the long term.

Just released from a collection of Classic Alfas, this 1750 GTV has been the subject of an exacting and professional restoration.

All mechanical components including the original engine and transmission were masterfully re-commissioned. Along with subtle enhancements, the suspension and brakes were also fully refurbished and Alfaholic’s 15-inch veloce alloy wheels were sourced and shod in modern tyres to enhance the drive and power delivery to the road.

The body has been superbly prepared and painted in the correct shade and the interior, which can be very difficult to get right has been expertly re-upholstered to original specifications with the correct basketweave leatherette, the original switchgear and instrumentation refurbished, correct carpets re-fitted and a new and correct steering wheel fitted.

The result has produced a drive that’s feels as if this car rolled off the Alfa Romeo showroom floor yesterday and with a twist of todays performance handling.

Sporty and mechanical with all the smells, sounds and textures that make sports cars from this purple patch of automotive engineering so great, there is nothing better to escape mundane than a head clearing drive in this 1750 GTV.

Fast becoming one of the world’s most desirable sports classics for its totally engaging drive and elegant, iconic Bertone design this Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV isn’t just one for the collector, this is the car that gets you up off the couch to thread some winding weekend roads early on a Sunday morning.

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