1971 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5

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April 25, 2021
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April 26, 2021
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  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-19
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  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-22
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-23
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-24
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-25
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-27
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-28
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-29
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-30
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-31
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-32
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-33
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-34
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-35
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-36
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-37
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-38
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-39
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-40
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-41
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-42
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-43
  • 1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SE-3.5-Papyrus-White-44

Papyrus White | Sedan | 4 Speed Automatic | 3.5 litre V8 | 22,083 miles |

WPCS 2.1.0

With 230hp, Bosch electronic fuel injection, a four-speed automatic transmission, independent front and rear suspension as well as four-wheel power-hydraulic disc brakes launched in 1962 the 280 SE was aimed at the velvet clad prestige buyer, a time when seeing a Mercedes-Benz on road was something altogether special.

Sold new into Australia during 1971 the same year Apollo 14 landed on the Moon, this artfully original Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 litre V8 presents in Papyrus White over Navy Blue trim and still features its numbers matching engine, transmission and original air-conditioning.

Offered with its original Periodic Maintenance booklet, completed only by Mercedes-Benz dealerships, verifies the exceptionally low mileage of just 22,683 miles. Owner’s Manuals bound within the clear Mercedes-Benz sleeve, original set of tools and Jack, offered in turn-key condition, this leading edge 280 SE is a credit to its past passionate owners and an absolute asset to the next.

Behind the wheel, from every conceivable detail the interior switch gear, iconic horn-ringed Bakelite steering wheel, correct carpets, perforated leather seats and flawless gauges aren’t just correct, they’ve been masterfully preserved. Even the Becker Mexico stereo is still fitted and functional.

To drive, this car oozes finesse; the V8’s torquey power transfers to the road with ease, the steering is well balanced and finger-tip light, the weight and feel of the pedals is as though they’ve been cut from one piece, gear changes are near seamless in feel and the overall atmosphere is totally engaging from the smells, sounds and interior textures- never, ever boring.

The combination of its handsome design, increasingly harder to find originality and paperwork as well as its masterful restoration, make this already rare and internationally desirable classic something extra special.

It is already recognised the value of these W111 Series Mercedes-Benz’s & the direction they are headed.

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