1971 Rover P6 3500

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February 14, 2023
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February 22, 2023
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  • 1971-Rover-P6-3500-Tobacco-Leaf-Brown-41
  • 1971-Rover-P6-3500-Tobacco-Leaf-Brown-42
  • 1971-Rover-P6-3500-Tobacco-Leaf-Brown-43
  • 1971-Rover-P6-3500-Tobacco-Leaf-Brown-44
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  • 1971-Rover-P6-3500-Tobacco-Leaf-Brown-49

Tobacco Leaf Brown | Sedan | 3 Speed Automatic | 3.5 litre V8 | 24,236 miles shwoing | AU$39,995


The Rover P6 3500 V8 when launched was an engineering tour-de-force. William Martin-Hurst, Rover’s Managing Director stated: ‘Into this car we have put all our engineering know-how and skills. We have built 15 prototypes, which have been driven in the aggregate more than 445,000 miles in Britain and abroad’. No wonder the Police force loved them.

Produced by the British automaker Rover from 1963 to 1977. The P6 was the first Rover model to be built with an all-new design that included a revolutionary inner monocoque chassis.

The P6 was initially introduced as a four-cylinder car in 1963, with a V8 engine added to the line-up in 1968, leading to the creation of the 3500 V8 model.

The model we have here is a 1971 3500 powered by the well-known 3.5 litre, all aluminium Buick V8 engine, in this guise producing 160 HP and mated to a 3 speed automatic transmission.

The car is finished in Tobacco Leaf Brown, with the sheet metal and paint in as new condition having recently been subject to a restoration by a marque specialist in Sydney. The panels close beautifully everywhere and the chrome-plated mouldings also fit perfectly and look great for their age.

The interior immediately catches the eye when opening the door. The inside of the Rover has been loving cared for. The interior is in absolute mint condition with the instruments and controls all looking great and functioning as they should. Complimenting the interior is new Wilton wool carpeting throughout, a top of the range retrosound audio system and hand built Moto-Lita dished steering wheel.

Rarity is what we bring you here at Classic Throttle Shop and this Rover 3500 is no exception. With numbers dwindling, cars in this condition do not come to the market all that often.

Being widely regarded as one of the most innovative and well-designed cars of its era and represents a great addition to any collectors stable.

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