1972 Range Rover Suffix A

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October 28, 2021
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November 10, 2021
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Sarah Dust| SUV | 4 Speed Manual | 3.5 litre V8 | Showing 00101 kms |

WPCS 2.1.0

A truly outstanding landmark design that almost single-handedly created the booming market in dual-purpose 4x4s, the Range Rover was greeted with universal acclaim on its arrival in 1970 and has remained the class leader, despite ever increasing foreign and domestic competition, ever since.

At its essence, a Land Rover-type chassis was employed to carry the enclosed aluminium body, while long-travel coil-sprung suspension ensured that the ride would be more saloon car than utility.

Rover already possessed an ideal power unit in the form of its ultra-tough 3.5 litre light alloy V8 and interior comforts were on point but hardy and durable.

The Range Rover was greeted enthusiastically by both press and public on its arrival in 1970, offering comfortable cruising at 90mph and a greater off-road capability than most of its customers would ever need.

The fact that the original lasted in production for an amazing 24 years before being replaced in 1994 only serves to illustrate the soundness of the original concept and today, well it’s no secret as to why the Range Rover Reborn program exists. Global demand for these cars is evergreen, and the earlier the model, the lesser the doors, the better.

We’re pleased to offer this incredibly special, 1972 Australian delivered two-door Range Rover ‘Suffix A’ presented in its original Sahara Dust over the desirable ‘Kit-Kat’ Palomino Trim.

This rare car recently completed a ground-up 5 year restoration with one of Sydney’s leading Land Rover restorers.

What would have to be one of the finest Land Rover restorations in the country, every detail has been ensured it is to exact originality. Where possible, every original part has been refurbished and used. This is to ensure the authenticity and pedigree of the car and its restoration.

From the superb and correct Palomino interior trim, to the hook-style choke lever. The correct turn signal lights with amber and white edges, the Wingard 'spring-back' bonnet mirror, original Triple X glass and horn mounts. The brilliant depth of finish to the correct Sahara Dust paintwork shows this Suffix A’s level of restoration quality is second to none.

The drive is also sensational. Famous for its uninterrupted 360º views of the world around you, a good amount of torque early on in the rev range, light steering and comfortable interior this car is just as at home in the city and on the open road as it is on the farm.

This car must be seen to properly appreciate the time and effort that has gone into a perfect representation of an automotive icon, and is also a very savvy classic car to invest in.

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