1974 Mercedes Benz 450 SLC

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August 20, 2018
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Thistle Green Metallic | Coupé | 3 Speed Automatic | 4.5 litre V8 | 98,989 kms | SOLD

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When it comes to inexpensive classic sports cars, nothing can surpass a Seventies or Eighties Mercedes-Benz.

One of their finest was the R107 SL series, produced at a time when build quality was driven by an engineer's ballpoint and not ruled by bean counters. Since the trophy amassing 300 SL, there have been a series of high performance SL sports cars, and most are rapidly becoming popular classics. Among them is the R107 450 SLC.

Produced as a homologation special allowing Mercedes-Benz to compete in marathon rallies popular from the 1960s and through the 1970s, the 450 SLC is powered by a silky fuel-injected 4.5 litre single overhead cam V8.

The perfect blend of sporting design and Grand Touring comfort the 450 SLC was set-up for German autobahns, where it could comfortably extend its very long legs. It also offered air-con, power steering, power windows, leather trim and a sunroof.
Available here is an excellently well maintained, Australian complied 450 SLC with a unique story. Ordered in Thistle Green Metallic over matching leather interior and travelling just 96,000 documented kilometres this 450 SLC was a tourist delivery car into Switzerland.

An attraction for buyers who would combine the purchase of a European-made automobile with a vacation to Europe, after which, the car would be re-delivered into Australia.

In true time-warp condition, inside this car features original rare leather seats, plush carpets and beautiful dash and controls. Upgraded with Bluetooth radio and accompanied by the original Becker Mexico stereo.

Outside, this is an excellent strait body, the chrome fittings from the window surrounds to the bumpers are near perfect and the suppliers sticker is still in the rear windscreen. All tell-tale signs reveal the charmed life this car has led.

Accompanying the car is the original plastic MB embossed wallet holding the maintenance booklet detailing a Mercedes service history, original warranty cards, manuals, original key and recent service.

Affectionately known as "Der Panzerwagen" for its bullet-proof build quality, the 450 SLC is both affordable and practical, possessing all of the hallmarks that make a Mercedes special.

Rarely found in such outstanding condition, with incredibly low kilometres, great provenance and service history this time-warp 450 SLC is something quite special. Particularly with values poised to rise around the world.

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