1980 Porsche 928

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May 3, 2019
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Cashmere Beige | Coupé | 3 Speed Automatic | 4.5 litre | 55,259 kms | AU$72,995

WPCS 2.1.0

Porsche's 928 was a complete break with tradition boasting a front-engined layout, futuristic styling and a new focus on grand touring.

The 928 featured an all-new 90-degree, 229 HP 4.5 litre K-Jetronic V8 engine, aluminium doors, bonnet and front wings in the interests of weight saving and luxurious interior offerings like air-conditioning and cruise control.

As if stepping into a time capsule with comical characteristics, this three owner, unrestored and mint condition 1980’s Porsche 928 oozes cool from every angle.

Let’s talk about the colour… Yes, it’s the original, specially ordered in Cashmere Beige, similar to the soy latte you’re probably drinking now, which was a bold move back when this Porsche was new and we are so glad this brave colour was ticked on the factory order sheet.

Sold new in September of 1980 by Scuderia Veloce Motors Sydney this stunning 928 has travelled just 55,000 genuine kilometres from new which is simply unheard of with these early transaxle Porsche’s. Optioned with:

• Factory Sunroof

• Automatic Transmission

• Rear Windscreen Wiper

• 4-Speaker Pioneer Audio System and Cassette Player

• Caramel Leather with Cloth Inserts

It’s silky smooth 4.5 litre naturally aspirated Porsche V8 sounds great and pulls like a train having been exceptionally well maintained backed up by its original maintenance books and service receipts detailing major services and works completed within the last 10,000 kilometres.

One for Sunday car’s and coffee run or even a daily commute, this Porsche 928 carries presence on the road like no other. An exciting investment for collectors to sink their teeth into, this must be the coolest 928 in Australia.

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