1990 Aston Martin Virage

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Suffolk Red | Coupé | 5 Speed Manual | 5.3 litre V8 | 108,210 kms | SOLD

WPCS 2.1.0

As tradition is to Aston Martin, so is Aston Martin to tradition. Synonymous.

Quintessentially British yet a bold modern design, a 20th-century supercar put together with Traditional craftsmanship.

Guardians of that great tradition which Aston Martin has created read like the motoring hall of fame- Sir David Brown, Stirling Moss, John Wyer, Roy Salvadori, Carroll Shelby – men whose unimpeachable standards enhanced Aston Martin’s renowned for superb motor cars, on road and on track.

The V8 series was another triumph in mechanical and aesthetic harmony, which spawned the ultimate supercar – the Vantage. Such was the lineal forebears of the Virage, which became to be the worthiest successor. Being classically English, the striking shape was gradually refined by the wind-tunnel and became the sleekest most aero-dynamically sound car ever produced by Aston Martin at the time. Driven by the powerful engine of tradition, new blood flowed through all-aluminium four valves per cylinder V8 with a dedicated fuel-injection system by Weber-Marelli, producing over 330 bhp.

With love and care, the Virage was built by hand at Newport Pagnell. You would literally see craftsman caressing the car’s body. Slowly stroking it to find the slightest unwanted blemish in the panel or paintwork. This is when you saw that for the working men and women of the Lagonda plant, this was a labour of love, not just another job.

40 sheets of best British steel were used per chassis for the Virage. They are cut and pressed into 400 individual pieces, welded together. Filed and finished by hand of course. Doors, boot-lid and bonnet are rolled, wings and sills hammered, carefully matching before being welded together to ensure that no fillers will be used.

Just as the metal-metal workers and engineers are experts, so are the craftsman of the interior. Insisting on using only the finest materials. Acquired per Virage is up to 9 hides of superior Connolly leather for the seats and doors, 17 square yards of fine Wilton carpeting, and lustrous burr walnut for the dashboard, all being stitched, fitted and polished by hand only. Perhaps another great achievement of the Virage is the way traditional Aston styling has been made to assimilate the technology of the time with the dashboard instrumentation, information centre and driver comfort enhancements like memory heated electric seats, climate control and innovative security system.

Originally delivered new in the homeland and imported into Australia in 2014, this amazing example of the Virage is one of the best in the country. Coming with a complete original factory technical folder and original sales brochure, it confirms that the ownership has only been by true British Sports car collectors. As you walk around the car, the condition and presentation inside and out is above expectations and very impressive. It is obvious that the Virage has been maintained correctly and when you start the big British built V8 and press the throttle, the whole mechanical package lights up all your senses.

For any prestigious car collector, a trip through the 90’s with Aston martin is a must.

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