1994 Porsche 911 993 Carrera

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September 27, 2022
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October 11, 2022
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Black Metallic | Cabriolet | 4 Speed Triptronic | 3.6 litre flat six | 82,209 kms | SOLD

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The Tony Hatter designed Porsche 993 could be the most pivotel 911 to hit the market to date. Compared to the earlier Type 964 the Type 993 911 Carrera was 80% newer with an all new coke bottle style architecture, a much-improved multi-link rear suspension set-up and a heavily worked 3.6 litre engine.

Over the 964, the new 911 engine now produced 272hp, pushing air-cooled tech to its definitive capabilities and ultimately, was the last of the breed to leave Stuttgart.

The interior still carries the signature 911 aroma, the leather seats are still firm to the touch without a stitch out of place and the blemish free dash and original, crystal clear VDO instrument binnacle show zero signs of age. Everything feels as though it’s cut from one piece, this car is from an era when engineers crafted cars rather than the marketing team in disconnected boardrooms.

This example was delivered by York Motors Porsche in Rushcutters Bay in December ‘94 and has only traveled 82,209 kms since. With superb service history since new supplied within its original leather bound book pack this remarkable 993 Carrera Cabriolet is a car that lifts your spirits in a way that a chunk of metal and four tyres really shouldn’t.

Ordered with Tiptronic transmission, cruise control, Cup 2 alloy wheels, electric seats, windows and mirrors, air conditioning this well maintained 993 was optioned with a high-level of comfort and performance in mind and is perfectly prepped for its next custodian.

The air-cooled motor oozes character with its whirring and purring hum and the totally involving drive means you need to put thought into what you’re doing in a way that newer, fly by wire cars can’t offer anymore. Top down, threading winding tree lined escape roads this 911 is the perfect remedy to the daily grind.

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