2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0

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October 3, 2018
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October 21, 2018
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Blu Hera Metallic | Coupé | 5 Speed Manual | 6.0 litre V12 | 41,947 kms | AU$399,995

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An out and out hair-raiser and successor to the mighty Countach, when it first launched in 1990 the Lamborghini Diablo boasted an unrivalled design formula - a 5.7 litre V12 by Lamborghini legend Bizzarrini paired with bodywork penned by the fabled Marcello Gandini of Miura and Countach fame.

Lamborghini had long intended for the Diablo to be an all-wheel-drive supercar and it finally delivered on that promise in 1993 with the Diablo VT.

Using expertise gained nearly a decade prior in the LM002, the new all-wheel-drive system was capable of transferring 25% of the engine’s power to the front wheels when needed for enhanced road-holding.

The Diablo line was regularly updated throughout the 1990s before it reached its zenith when the house of the Raging Bull lit the wick of its most fearsome supercar uprating the engine to 6.0-litres and a thumping 575hp with the engineering and financial support of German automaker- Audi. This “Final Evolution” would be the last of the Diablo kind.

The Diablo VT 6.0 may be the most powerful of its kind but it’s also the most refined with a new dashboard laid out in a more logical fashion, uprated air conditioning capable of taming the summer heat, optional carbon trim, excellent visibility and optional adjustable suspension settings, updated ECU software and new intake and exhaust systems, in conjunction with a refined variable valve timing system for smoother power delivery.

Still, it retains its raw, independent feel that makes it so collectable and engaging today that was significantly anaesthetised in the Murciélago that succeeded it in late 2001.

One of just a handful that arrived on our shores, the car offered is an Australian delivered Lamborghini Diablo VT sold new to Perth in May of 2001 and travelled just 42,000 kilometres ordered in the desirable combination of Blu Hera Metallic over two-tone Navy/Creme Nocciola leather and Blue weave Carbon trim.

Recently released from a private collection this exceedingly well kept car was optioned with both the factory lift-kit as well as the electronically adjustable suspension dampening with 4 different settings and carbon drivers’ zone.

With zero modifications, this Diablo VT presents in outstanding original condition both inside and out. Carrying all the hallmarks of a cherished car from the pristine switchgear and instrumentation, the seamless double stitching across the dash, steering wheel and leather seats to the original off-set OZ aluminium alloy wheels, brilliant depth of finish to the paint work, even the factory SPS glass is still present throughout the entire car.

Benefitting from a zero expense spared engine overhaul toward the end of 2017, to drive this Diablo VT totally engages all 5 senses. Within a supercar world where motoring journalism has exhausted hyperbole, the word “Crazy” is all that could be used to describe its sense of sheer acceleration.

Accompanying the car all original manuals and log books bound within the Lamborghini embossed wallet as well as both original leather covered keys and receipts for recent mechanical works.

With just over 41,000 kilometres showing, this Diablo VT is ready to be enjoyed and driven as Lamborghini intended, at speed and in style.

A leading edge example and the end of an era for Lamborghini, this rare and excellently maintained Diablo VT is an absolute must experience.

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