2002 Porsche 911 996 Carrera 4S

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August 15, 2022
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Arctic Silver | Coupé | 6 Speed Manual | 3.6 litre | 80,838 kms | SOLD

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Porsche introduced the 911 Type 996 Carrera 4S in 2003 combining an all-wheel-drive chassis, 3.6 litre, 320 horsepower non-turbo flat-six with wide rear fenders, larger rolling stock, massive air-intake grills and a host of modern tech normally reserved for the 911 Turbo.

This was and still is one of the best 911’s ever to leave Stuttgart. Design cues like the tail light stretched across the rear fender recently re-finding its way onto the latest generation 911 C4S.

With acceleration that has to be felt to be believed the 996 C4S will hunt down the apex of any corner like a tiger and fire out the other end delivering all 320 horses to the tarmac using the industry’s lightest all-wheel drive system (weighing just 51kg’s).

Available here is an exceptionally well presented, Australian delivered Porsche 911 996 C4S, sold new by Scuderia Veloce Motors Willoughby in 2002 and ordered in Arctic Silver Metallic over a Black leather interior and the hard to find manual transmission.

80,838 kms traveled with supporting papers this simply stunning C4S was optioned to extract the most out of this set-up and features electric memory seating, Bose digital sound, chrome exhausts, cruise control, sunroof and Carrera insignia sills all kept in meticulous fashion.

From the very tidy switchgear, leather steering-wheel and unblemished perforated leather seats that hug the driver and passenger perfectly to the high precision panel fit and finish and well preserved original turbo-twist alloys- all tell-tale signs highlight the charmed life this car has led.

Accompanying the car are all of the original manuals bound within the leather Porsche wallet and a full service history.

Perfect for mountain-road head-clearing sessions but also a perfectly poised mobile office for the daily commute this particular C4S presents a rare opportunity to secure a seriously good and somehow undervalued Porsche as prices continue to skyrocket for leading edge 911’s just like this.

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