2006 BMW E46 M3

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August 25, 2022
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Titanium Silver Metallic | Coupé | 6 Speed Automatic | 3.2 litre 6 cylinder | 28,866 kms | SOLD


It may no longer be the most modern car in its class, but with its 3.2 litre, 333 horsepower engine, its sequential manual gearbox (SMG), and its well-appointed interior, it more than holds its own and has well-earned M-car cachet.

The 2006 BMW M3 pleases enthusiasts of both performance and technology with near race-spec power and handling. Satellite radio provides a soundtrack to the racetrack, and a rudimentary navigation unit spare driver the hassle of BMW's iDrive interface.

It is built for high-performance motoring in comfort, a fact immediately apparent as you slip into its firmly padded and wonderfully accommodating seats. The M-branded, leather-wrapped steering wheel provides audio- and cruise-control toggles, giving the driver a fine office from which to go about the M3's business. Instrument-panel design is classic BMW, with a large, hooded pod for the main gauges and a center stack angled toward the driver for easier access to the audio and climate controls.

The car offered is an E46 M3 sold new at BMW Trivett in Sydney in November 2006. It believes to be one of the last M3 E46 sold in Australia.

Ordered in the dynamic colour Titanium Silver Metallic over Black trim this meticulously maintained car has travelled just 28,860 kms.

From every conceivable angle this M3 had led a charmed life, Inside, the mint condition chunky steering wheel, the well bolstered sports seats and iconically BMW alu/leather- finish switch gear all show zero signs of age.

Accompanying the car are the original manuals bound within the leather M wallet, complete BMW service history and both original keys. The car is going to get a service at BMW Sydney prior the sale.

Often touted as the word best car this E46 M3 is Superman on the weekends as much as it is Clarke Kent during the week with a devilish eloquence.

Excellently prepped for its next custodian, this ultimate E46 M3 is ready to drive off the showroom floor.

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