2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series

1971 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5
April 26, 2021
2014 Porsche 911 991 Turbo S
May 1, 2021
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-1
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-2
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-3
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-4
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-5
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-6
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-7
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-8
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-9
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-10
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-11
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-12
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-13
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-14
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-15
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-16
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-17
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-18
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-19
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-20
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-21
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-22
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-23
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-24
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-25
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-26
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-27
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-28
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-29
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-30
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-31
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-32
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-33
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-34
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-35
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-36
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-37
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-38
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-39
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-40
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-41
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-42
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-43
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-44
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-45
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-46
  • 2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-C63-Black-Series-Iridium-Silver-47

Iridium Silver | Coupé| 7 Speed Paddleshift | 6.3 litre V8 | 19,763 kms | AU$449,995

WPCS 2.1.0

It’s Sunday, the 16th of March 2008 & the sun shines a strong 39 degree day on Melbourne city. Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren Mercedes lines up next to Robert Kubica in his Sauber BMW on the front row of the grid. Lights go out and 22 Formula one cars launch into the 2008 F1 season. As they all shoot into the first corner, there is carnage as cars make contact & spin off into all directions.

Race control hit the big red button & the new Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series is released onto the circuit to attack the remaining F1 cars and discipline them back in order.

The big 6.2 litre V8 rumbles into life with a deep snarl & basso profound grumble. There's more than a hint of the company's DTM CLK race car in this vehicle's appearance, with its prominent carbon fibre front apron and rear diffuser, 19-inch forged alloys, and extroverted dual-exhaust tailpipes. Stomp the throttle & the exhaust note hardens to an urgent, staccato beat and the 500+ hp launches the car with determination.

This Australian delivered modern classic is 1 of only 32, which were sent down under, from the total 700 built worldwide.

Finished in Iridium Metallic, the interior has soft Black racing bucket seats which are surrounded Black AMG Leather & carbon fibre throughout. Technology like cruise control, Multi-function Control Screen with Sat-Navigation & reverse camera are standard.

It comes with complete up to date service history with all original new car documentation and spare keys. This vehicle presents in exceptional showroom condition with all required services completed as per dealer specifications.

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