2015 McLaren 675 LT

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June 30, 2018
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Silica White | Coupé | 7 Speed SSG | 3.8 litre V8 Twin Turbo | 2,738 kms | AU$649,995

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Since its debut season in 1995, the Legendary McLaren F1 GTR had been scoring pole positions and race wins including the famous victory at Le Mans. But in 1996, rivals began pushing the GT rules to the limit by creating purpose-built racing cars.

In order for the F1 GTR to remain competitive, McLaren made drastic changes to the bodywork of the car to achieve higher downforce and the “Longtail” was born – the ultimate evolution of the Le Mans-winning GTR history.

20 years on and with the success of it’s modern roadgoing Super Series – the 650 S - McLaren has introduced the 675 LT: the lightest, most driver focused, most exclusive series production supercar ever built.
In both Coupé & Spider form, the result is a visceral driving experience of unique intensity, more power, less weight, more precision, perfection for the road & the track and worthy of the “Longtail” nomenclature.

Sold out worldwide within weeks of its release, we present the opportunity to own this 675LT Coupé finished in Silica White over a Black & McLaren Red Performance Interior, one of Australia’s most highly equipped LT’s ever produced.

Featuring Clubsport Professional Package, MSO Carbon Louvered Front Wings, Track Telemetry and Camera Pack, Soft Close Doors, Stealth Badges, Parking Sensors incl. Rear Camera, this 675 LT’s exacting specification delivers performance, handling and design like no other.

With everything dialed to 11, the combination of McLaren’s re-engineered V8 twin-turbo, super-fast dual-clutch gearbox, carbon monocell and lightweight titanium exhaust extracts its maximum acceleration to 100 km/h in just 2.9. So, whether you’re chasing crucial tenths on the racetrack or enjoying your favorite road, the chassis of the 675 LT provides the ultimate feedback.

But it is the Clubsport Professional Package that sets this ‘LT apart. Developed in conjunction with McLaren Chief Test Driver, Chris Goodwin, the enhanced package includes carbon fiber front wing end plates, side air intakes, center rear bumper, wheel arches and mirrors. The “Longtail” is also finished in Carbon Fiber to emphasise the lightweight material at the heart of the 675 LT.

Add to that Stealth-finished Ultra Lightweight 10-spoke alloy wheels, fixed-back carbon shelled racing seats and McLaren Track Telemetry to analyse on track performance and capture every thrill.

Just 500 vehicles produced world-wide cement this McLaren legacy model with exclusive ownership and performance befitting of the “Longtail” designation. Don’t miss out on being part of this exclusive set with your own 675 LT and create history.

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