2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Edition 1 MY16

1970 Porsche 911 E Targa
October 11, 2020
2005 BMW Z4
October 19, 2020
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  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-14
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-15
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-16
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-17
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-18
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  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-22
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-23
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-24
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-25
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-26
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-27
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-28
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-29
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-30
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-31
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-32
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-33
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-34
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-35
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-36
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-37
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-38
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-39
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-40
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-41
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-42
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-43
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-44
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-45
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-46
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-47
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-48
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-49
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-50
  • 2015-Mercedes-Benz-AMG-GT-S-Iridium-Silver-51

Iridium Silver | Coupé | 7 Speed AMG Speedshift DCT | 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 | 3,027 kms | AU$204,995

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With over 125 years of experience, Mercedes-Benz would have to be the most successful automotive manufacturer of “firsts” – and in modern day terms, the AMG GT S Edition 1 exemplifies this.

Learning from the success of its first in-house SLS sports car, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division began developing a new, high-performance coupe and roadster with the help of Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton. The AMG GT that debuted at the 2014 Paris Motor Show looked “forward” rather than borrowing from Mercedes-Benz’s illustrious past as its SLS predecessor. With this thinking, AMG aimed to make the GT a pure sports car and nailed it.

The result was the AMG GT S Edition 1 - more ‘hot rod’ than a Porsche Carrera S, more purist driving machine than the SLS, with the Mercedes-AMG GT S bringing a fresh blend of multiple talents to the super sports car segment.

A gaping grille emblazoned with twin chrome bars at a large three-pointed star gives way to a long, low hood providing plenty of space for its 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 - developed in Affalterbach under the watchful eye of AMG chief Tobias Moers and producing an eye popping producing 515-hp with 650Nm of torque through its clever “anti-lag” turbo-chargers sitting inside the engines “V”.

The latest version of AMG’s seven-speed gearbox hustles power to the rear wheels through an advanced controlled limited-slip differential while additional Race and Race Start drive modes, 19 & 20 inch wheels and a sports exhaust system with a bypass that opens up a more aggressive rumble at high speeds completes the package.

We are pleased to offer an “as new” example of the sought after Edition 1 model. Traveled just 3,000 kms and still with the delivery plastics, it will appeal to the Mercedes-Benz collector or performance alike who is looking for that something special. With leather and Alcantara-wrapped sports seats, red seat belts, a carbon fiber roof, and a special body kit with a fixed rear spoiler.

Just 375 units of Edition 1 were produced world-wide, making this this impeccable example of the Edition 1 a perfect collectable investment and your very own entry into the Mercedes-Benz club of “firsts”.

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