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Obsidian Black Metallic | Saloon | 7 Speed Automatic | 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged V12 | 24,751 kms |

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Ever since Mercedes resurrected the famous German marque as a stand-alone brand in 2002, Maybach has been synonymous with ultra-luxe models and quite clearly defines the ultimate luxury experience like never before.

For decades, the S-Class has set the standard against which most other luxury cars are measured, and it’s certainly popular, considering the fact that it outsells every other domestic, European and Asian competitor in its class. Designed to compete with Rolls-Royce following its takeover by BMW, the Maybach brand’s key focus was to provide the most luxurious vehicles possible, while also offering ample performance. The Maybach saloon was named for its length of just over 5.7 metres and provides cossetting comfort for its occupants.

The Maybach-S-Class is considered as one of the most luxurious saloons in the world. The radiator-grille of the car itself announces its strong presence. The side view with chrome-trimmed bumpers make it look even more elegant. The special hallmarks after the rear doors mark the vehicle as a symbol of exquisite class. The interior of the Maybach can be defined as quietly confident. Ergonomically perfect individual seats with leg rests add to the comfort of luxury.

This MY 2016 Maybach S600 is a smart example of the marque’s landmark ultra-luxury saloon, presented in very good condition. It is powered by the 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine, producing a substantial 390 Kw and 800 Nm of torque, driving the rear wheels via a 7 speed automatic transmission. Considering its size and weight, its motor enables remarkably swift progress, capable of sprinting from rest to 100 kilometres in around 5 seconds.

It is a special place to be, an intersection between business and pleasure. With an airy, open feel assisted by a new panoramic sunroof with electronically controlled tinting, the Maybach has a similar layout to the S-Class but uses materials that outclass its sibling. Its driving refinement, vault-like silence and immerssive sound system create the perfect driving expereince, whether to the office or to the beach house.

Sumptuous Napa leather throughout the cabin joins elegant wood trim along with the odd chrome highlight for genuine metal switchgear and artfully perforated speaker grills.

One of just 13 vehicles made available for the Australian Market, this stunning Maybach is in its second ownership and has been utilised for relaxing distance family trips whilst being kept in showroom condition and averaging just 3,500kms per year.

Accompanying the sale of this Maybach is its 2 original two keys, a complete service history and a full PPF treatment applied to protect and enhance.

With only around 3,000 examples sold in about a decade, the Maybach S600 was released as one of the most exclusive automobiles in the world and boasts an exceptionally lavish interior with class-leading rear accommodation, including lie-flat seats, privacy curtains, and an infotainment system.

Showing a relatively modest 24,753 kilometres on the odometer, and with Mercedes-Benz Factory Warranty to February 2023, this opulent example would make for a superbly indulgent and cossetting road trip companion and promises to transport each of its occupants to their destination in effortless luxury.

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