1965 Honda S600

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Scarlet Red | Roadster | 4 Speed manual | 600cc 4 cylinder | 78,599 miles showing | AU$77,995

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The S600 was Honda’s introductory road car. In true Honda fashion, these cars were manufactured to an incredibly high standard, with intricate details inside and out and a motorcycle engine that revved to 9500rpm. Revvy, high-quality, and understated, the S600 truly embodies the Honda philosophy and laid the foundation for their cars to come.

The remarkable Honda S600 was a surprisingly sophisticated design when introduced in March 1964 this was also the first year the company entered Formula One. This wasn’t the only racing that Honda could draw its experience from, much like its Motorcycle race engines the little S600 boasted an all-alloy four-cylinder engine with twin overhead-camshafts, twin carburettors and a roller-bearing crankshaft.

Based on Honda’s first production car, the S500 of 1963, the S600 also had fully independent suspension and final drive to the rear wheels via enclosed chains. The S600 looked similar to the earlier Honda but with a restyled nose and was sold in both convertible and coupe form (the latter, with a neat hatchback, was announced in March 1965) and has the distinction of being Honda’s first ever sports car. Critics raved about the switch-like gearchange, the excellent roadholding and above all, that screamer of an engine, with a redline starting at 8500rpm and running all the way up to 11,000rpm. Although the S600 was the first Honda widely marketed (and sold in left-hand drive markets like America) it remains comparatively rare.

We are very lucky to have the opportunity not only to sell at S600 but this particularly lovely example, an older restoration from Intermarque Automotive down in Richmond Melbourne but presenting as if it's just rolled off the showroom floor really is a testament to the quality of the restoration.

Revving right up on start up the little engine really has an ‘I think I can attitude’ and wants you to take each corner with as much momentum as possible… sure it may not be the fastest roadster from the 60’s but it gives all the bystanders more time to take in its lovely Italian inspired design and dare I say Ferrari like taillights.

A curve ball for any collection and always a talking point at a coffee shop or car show, don't miss out on owning this little gem from Japan.

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