1966 Morris Mini Cooper S MK1

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November 13, 2023
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Lake Green | Saloon | 4 Speed Manual | 1275 cc 4 cylinder | 86,911 miles showing | AU$64,995

WPCS 2.1.0

If Alec Issigonis' groundbreaking Mini introduced the world to a new category of small car in 1959, it was John Cooper who fashioned what is arguably the progenitor of today's hot hatches - the Mini Cooper "S." Utterly captivating and never dull, the "S" designation essentially signifies more power, superior brakes, and sturdier engine components such as a nitrided steel crankshaft.

Renowned not only for an impressive four rally victories in Monte Carlo from 1964 to 1967, but the Mini Cooper S was also utilized by the police in the UK and here in Australia as a high-speed pursuit vehicle.

Locating a genuine and exceptionally original Mini Cooper S today is no easy task, as the ravages of time have often taken their toll and modifying trends have come and gone. Narrowing the search even further to find a well-maintained, Australian-compliant example is nearly impossible, but that's precisely what we've been eagerly anticipating.

Uniquely available here is an outstanding, Australian-delivered Mini Cooper S presented in Lake Green and Black trim. September 1965 marked the introduction of Australia's own Cooper S, imported by BMC in CKD (Complete Knocked Down) form and assembled using local components to our very own and arguably improved specification, including wind-up windows, pivoting quarter lights, and Hydrolastic Suspension. This particular Cooper S is just the 21st car to roll off the Australian production line.

Retaining its original and distinctive Cooper S features, from the body number stamped into the original radiator shroud to twin fuel tanks and a 120mph speedometer with corresponding temperature and oil pressure gauges, this Mini Cooper S is remarkably original.

Externally, the car presents well with a period Webasto sunroof. A few marks here and there indicate that this is undoubtedly a driver's car to be experienced and enjoyed on winding weekend roads, just as John Cooper intended.

Stepping through the pint-sized door apertures reveals seating for four, neatly finished vinyl and chrome dash trim, a full complement of correct and crystal-clear instruments, correctly fitted carpets, as well as a very early John Cooper S Moto-Lita timber steering wheel. The overall feeling is fresh and sporty.

Many fine details point to a well-preserved car, and a brief stint behind the wheel underscores the rifle-like gear changes, fast and well-balanced steering feel, and sharp throttle response synonymous with the Cooper S badge.

One of the finest driver's cars ever produced and still highly usable today, hard to find and made even more special with local assembly and Australian specifications, this Mini Cooper S is something quite collectible.

Arguably more engaging than any modern hot hatch, because sometimes, it's much more enjoyable to drive a (relatively) slow car fast than a fast car slow. A must-have for any driving enthusiast, this Australian-delivered Mini Cooper S offers a unique opportunity to own, drive, and invest in a slice of motoring history as values and interest continue to soar worldwide for the best examples.


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