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Bianco Spino | Coupé | 5 Speed Manual | 1.6 litre 4 cylinder | 59,741 miles showing | SOLD

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In 1963, Alfa Romeo introduced the 105 series Giulia model igniting a purple patch of automotive engineering.

Penned by a 22-year-old Giorgetto Giugiaro at the Bertone design house, the Giulia's distinct architecture is considered one of the most beautiful automotive designs of the 1960s.

It featured a now legendary rev-happy all aluminium twin-cam, four-cylinder engine mated to a crispy 5-speed manual transmission, a superb chassis, lightweight rear live axle and disc brakes all round held within a coupe body that weighs just 1200 kgs.

A race-bred, front engine, rear drive combination that used engineering ingenuity as a replacement for displacement the 105 series Alfa’s are exhilarating driver's cars.

Among Alfa Romeo cognoscenti there are few cars as sacred as the crown jewel of the 105 series- the twin headlight configured, colloquially known “Step-Nose” Giulia Sprint GT Veloce.

Offered here is an unrivalled Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce “Step-Nose” 1600, built on the 17th of October 1967 and delivered to Melbourne, Australia presented in superbly original and totally unmodified condition.

Just released from long term, tempered storage this Step-Nose is probably the most original car we’ve ever had the opportunity to bring to market. A very rare find indeed, devoid of any common modern “upgrades” and just as Alfa intended.

A very rare find indeed, devoid of any common modern modifications and just as Alfa intended this car still features Celeste Bianchi shock absorbers and even the period correct ATE brakes.

The devil is in the detail for this car and not only is the drive absolutely on the button but it still carries its correct Carrello headlights, ageless Alfa bucket seats, correct vinyl and timber veneer dash with its original Astor radio, original identification tags and even the ‘Made In Italy’ decal still present inside the engine bay- all in superb condition.

A tell-tale sign of just how well this car has been maintained is the drive. As though the entire car is cut from one piece, as soon as you step inside you notice the factory fit and finish of the trim from dials to perforated headliner and the perfectly weighted steering feel, pedal balance and throttle response are so well dialled in. This sportster is exactly as Alfa intended.

Some cars are so beautiful and totally engaging that they hit you like a canned ham fired from a cannon and you can’t help but drive them every chance given. An incredibly rare and unrivalled original Alfa Romeo Step-Nose with zero modifications, this sports classic is something exceptional.

With 110 years of Alfa Romeo just around the corner for 2020, there’s never been a better time to own, drive and invest in probably the most pure sports car drive ever executed in one of the finest designs to come out of the boot and ball.

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