1973 Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior

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July 31, 2023
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August 3, 2023
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-1
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-2
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-3
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-4
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-5
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-6
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-7
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-8
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-9
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-10
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-11
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-12
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-13
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-14
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-15
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-16
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-17
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-18
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-19
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-20
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-25
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-26
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-27
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-21
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-22
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-23
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-24
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-28
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-29
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-30
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-31
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-32
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-33
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-35
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-36
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-37
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-38
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-39
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-40
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-41
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-42
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-43
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-50
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-48
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-46
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-51
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-49
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-47
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-34
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-52
  • 1973-Alfa-Romeo-1600-GT-Junior-Manual-Yellow-53

Giallo Ochre | Coupé | 5 Speed Manual | 2.0 litre twin spark 4 cylinder | 11,346 kms showing | AU$124,995

WPCS 2.1.0

Manufactured between 1963 and 1975, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT stands as one of the Milanese manufacturer's greatest successes, an iconic model cherished by classic car enthusiasts. Derived from the 1960s Giulia sedan, renowned for its spirited four-cylinder DOHC engines and exceptional handling, the coupé version amplifies these sporty attributes with breathtaking aesthetics and class-leading driving dynamics.

Gritty and incredibly fast in all its versions - this car owes much of its fame to the extraordinary successes garnered by the GTA and GTA m versions set up by Autodelta, Alfa Romeo's racing team, to compete in the most important international touring car competitions.

Classic Throttle Shop proudly presents an Australian delivered Alfa 105 Coupé that belonged to a devoted Alfa Romeo enthusiast with a history of owning several models of this kind. This particular coupé is considered the pinnacle of 4 cylinder 105 models, being the pure Junior model, but thoughtfully upgraded with a later Twin-Spark 2-litre engine.

The car is fully compliant with Australian engineering regulations for the engine upgrade and has received inspection and licensing approval in its current configuration. The restoration, undertaken in 2002-2003 by Rob Manning, the owner of Manning Motors in Brookvale, was conducted meticulously to restore the car to its original specifications. The exterior was repainted in Giallo Ochre, the factory colour, to an exceptionally high standard. The interior was also given an upgrade from vinyl to leather, following the correct upholstery pattern, and a period-style Momo Prototipo sports steering wheel was installed (with the original steering wheel also included).

The previous owner, who acquired the car in 2010, made several improvements, such as fitting GTA style alloy wheels and slightly lowering the suspension. In 2012, a significant upgrade was undertaken, installing a twin-spark engine from an Alfa Romeo 75. The engine was expertly rebuilt and dyno-tuned, resulting in an impressive 185 horsepower on twin Weber 45DCOE carburettors, a 70% increase over a standard 1600 Junior. As a result, the car now delivers enhanced performance, making it an even more enjoyable sports and cruising car.

Since the upgrades, the car has covered 11,300km with excellent reliability and great enjoyment. The vehicle features upgraded Alfa Romeo running gear, beautifully restored throughout, with the engine bay, boot, and interior all presenting in top condition, as evident in the accompanying photos and upon inspection.

The car comes with an original handbook and documentation validating the engine upgrade approvals. It's a remarkable example, retaining the classic Bertone looks while boasting significantly improved performance, making it an irresistible choice for discerning enthusiasts.

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