1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

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September 18, 2023
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Blu Dino Metallic | Coupé | 5 Speed Manual | 2.4 litre V6 | 67,292 showing | AU$929,995

WPCS 2.1.0

Enzo's son Dino, who tragically passed away at the age of 24 while advocating for performance-oriented six-cylinder engines in the brand's racing endeavors, gave birth to the Ferrari Dino, a name that symbolized a significant departure from tradition - preserving his son's legacy.

The road-going Dino 246 GT made its debut at the Turin Auto Show in November 1969. Designed by Pininfarina and meticulously crafted by Scaglietti in Maranello, this mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car targeted passionate sports car enthusiasts rather than the ultra-rich who favoured large V12 GT models.

Only a select few cars can genuinely claim to be the "Most Beautiful in the World," and among those, only a handful provide a driving experience as exhilarating as their appearance. The timeless Ferrari Dino belongs to this exclusive club.

After over a year of anticipation, Classic Throttle Shop is thrilled to present this exceptional Dino GT to the market. Australian-delivered, factory right-hand-drive Ferrari Dino 246GT, it is confirmed as a matching numbers example arriving on our shores in 1974 to Ferrari Distributor W.H Lowe Automobiles in Victoria.

Finished in the stunning 'Blu Dino Metallizzato' with a beige vinyl interior the 246 GT retains its original book set, including the often elusive warranty card noting a delivery date of April 29, 1974.

Documented in the Ferrari Dino 246 Registry, it has been recorded in the Ferrari Club Australia records since the first Register published in 1986/87. Based on this information and the car's history file, it likely had two owners until 1989, followed by a single long-term owner. In 2011, a Melbourne-based collector acquired the Dino, eventually selling it to the current owner in 2013. Subsequently, the car had two more owners up to the present day.

An exceptionally original and unaltered example, it has just completed an exacting paint restoration in its factory colour with significant mechanical work was undertaken in 2021, including an engine rebuild, clutch overhaul, and carburetor servicing by Ferrari Specialists in Victoria.

The Ferrari Dino 246 is a vehicle that can flaunt any colour, but the metallic blue adorning this Dino is truly breathtaking. The paintwork radiates vibrancy, while all exterior trim, badges, chrome, and glass remain in impeccable condition. Inside the Dino's cockpit, the environment exudes authenticity, with everything appearing to be original, including the dash that is remarkably well-preserved for a forty-five-year-old car.

Car magazine rhapsodizes about the Dino 246, praising its "engine noise, throttle response, wonderful steering, and a heavenly gearbox," describing it as "a thoroughbred sports car down to its last nut and bolt; engineering elevated to an art form." Autocar chimes in with a sentiment that encapsulates both the engineering excellence and the charisma of this iconic vehicle: the 246, it asserts, is "the driver's best friend, a gorgeous co-conspirator with whom to seek out fresh adventure wherever it might lie."

Ensure you seize this rare opportunity to acquire the most immaculately preserved Australian-delivered Ferrari 246 Dinos; such chances are few and far between.

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