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November 8, 2023
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Silver | Targa | 5 Speed Manual | 2.4 litre flat 6 | 56,712 miles | AU$299,995

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The name Targa, meaning badge or shield, was chosen as a homage to the Targa Florio, an Italian race that exemplified Porsche's belief that power alone was not the sole determinant of victory.

Amidst the narrow, winding roads of Sicily, nestled in the mountains above Palermo, Porsche's cars showcased remarkable balance and handling, enabling them to consistently outperform their more formidable and heavier rivals, particularly Ferrari. When it came time to designate their new convertible creation, Porsche swiftly secured the registered trademark of Targa, aligning with their tradition of assigning vibrant names to their open-top vehicles.

For ardent Porsche enthusiasts, holds a special place as the final year of lightweight cars before the introduction of impact bumpers. Among purists, the '2.4' model is hailed as the last authentic iteration of the 911. These models were distinguished by their enlarged engine capacity, transitioning from 2.2 Litres to 2.4 litres, and an 'aero' package that featured a front valance spoiler, which reduced lift and enhanced its sporty appearance Alongside Porsche's resounding triumphs in the World Sportscar Championship and Steve McQueen's endorsement in the film 'Le Mans,' this generation of 911s earned a faultless reputation.

Presenting on our showroom floor is the T Targa, originally delivered to the UK in the highly sought-after 'T' 2.4 specification and adorned in the exceptionally rare Silver Metallic paint.

Even to this day, the car retains its engine-to-chassis matching numbers, showcasing its authenticity. The original option codes include: M 058 for rubber bumperettes, M 400 for forged alloy wheels (6 x 15) with VR 15 tires, M 404 for front and rear stabilizer bars, M 423 for the left-side outside mirror, M 426 for anodized aluminium fender strips, M 470 for the comfort group specific to the T-model, M 258 for left and right headrests, and M 568 for tinted glass all around. This Targa underwent a comprehensive restoration in 2011, with meticulous attention given to every detail by renowned specialists such as Melbourne's Chequered Flag Restorations, including a complete respray. As you circle the vehicle, the chrome accents shine flawlessly, and the Silver Metallic exterior accentuates the elegant contours of the F-body 911 shape. Inside, the cabin, preserved like a time capsule, reveals reupholstered seats in black leather with houndstooth inserts. Everything is intuitively placed, a testament to Porsche's design philosophy, ensuring that the car is as inviting to drive today as it was back in 1973.

Turn the key and awaken the all-aluminium engine, immersing yourself in the iconic symphony of an air-cooled boxer-six. Each journey in this exceptionally restored and collectible car is an unforgettable experience, a true pleasure.

Exceptionally rare and ready to grace your garage, this exquisite Targa 2.4 is an absolute must-have for any connoisseur seeking the ultimate classic 911.


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