1977 Porsche 930 Turbo

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Guards Red | Coupé | 4 Speed Manual | 3.0 litre flat six | 112,145 kms | AU$299,995

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Initially designed as a homologation special in the spirit of the Carrera RS, the race-bred 911 Type 930 Turbo became Porsche’s premium production model for the 911 range during the years 1975-1989, a proper supercar.

Adorned on almost all of our bedroom walls alongside its direct competition, the Testarossa and Countach, the 930 Turbo offered a whirring purring air-cooled flat-six-cylinder engine with single KKK turbocharger and Bosch electronic fuel injection, a robust four-speed manual transmission to handle the immense raw power, independent front and rear suspension, ventilated and cross-drilled power disc brakes all beneath arguably the most evocative Porsche design ever penned.

This numbers matching and Australian delivered car finished in Porsche's iconic colour combination of Guards Red over a full Black leather interior was sold new by Scuderia Veloce Porsche, Sydney in August of 1977.
Believed to be one of just 21 3.0 litre Turbos delivered to Australia, this largely original car is exceptionally rare and was also built in the final year of 3.0 litre production before the 3.3 litre program began.

Well maintained and religiously serviced, corresponding with its detailed history file in 2016 this car received refresh works to the turbo charger and the air conditioning system as well as four new Pirelli tyres and in 2017 was subject to a thorough service and check over with Porsche.

Retaining many original features from its crush pile carpets, leather bound 4 spoke steering wheel, iconic “tombstone” seats, crystal clear VDO instrumentation and the very collectable Fuchs forged alloy wheels all tell-tale signs both inside and out point to a cherished car. Even the original radio is available.

The drive is also sensational. What Porsche described as “unimaginable performance” for the time, this 3.0-Litre 930 Turbo maintains its ability to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

From the throaty warble of the exhaust note, the quick steering feel to its sheer power, acceleration and the way it attacks corners, from every conceivable angle this car is alive.

With receipts dating back to 1985, accompanying the car is an extensive history file with owners manual and service booklet, parts receipts, magazine articles and even an old Porsche newspaper advertisement from 1985.

Increasingly collectable today for a host of reasons; its signature design, insane performance with a 0-100 kmh sprint in just 5.3 seconds and its modern usability with electric windows and air-conditioning, Porsche 930 Turbo values continue to skyrocket internationally.

And, with almost the entire contemporary Porsche line-up now featuring turbocharging technology, the 3.0 Litre 930 the car that started it all as one of the world’s first production cars to feature race proven turbo power and should be the cornerstone of any collection.

To suit the most avid enthusiast and/or even the most discerning collector, this exceptionally rare Australian delivered 3.0 litre 930 Turbo is something very special.

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