1987 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL

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Nautical Blue Metallic | Sedan | 4 Speed Automatic | 4.2 litre 8 cylinder | 64,980 kms | AU$69,995

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Mercedes-Benz launched its new S-Class in 1979 with the object of retaining the title of the “World’s Best Luxury Car” for the next decade. The W126 range succeeded admirably, achieving critical acclaim the world over - including Australia, taking out Wheels magazine’s coveted “Car of the Year” award for 1981.

The engineers at Stuttgart paid greater attention to aerodynamics (the W126 had a class leading 0.36 Cd) for better economy and pioneered a number of safety systems like ABS and SRS airbags, helping make the new S-Class the first production car able to meet stringent new regulations for surviving a frontal offset collision.

Offered here is an Australian delivered Mercedes Benz 420 SEL, delivered new by 3 Points Mercedes Benz in Victoria on the first month of 1987, with just 64,980 kms recorded since.

Unmistakably sophisticated this 420 SEL was appointed with Nautical Blue metallic over a highly original and a very smart beige interior, this Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL is a stylish and sophisticated cruiser from the famously ‘over-engineered’ era at the German manufacturer. Practical, well equipped, and with bags of retro charm, it could be a solid daily driver or a fun car for weekend touring and road trips.

All the tell-tale signs from the original paintwork to interior switch gear, soft carpet, original stereo shows how well this car has been kept. On top of the car will come accompanied by a complete maintenance history.

In fantastic condition this 420 SEL is one to own, drive and invest in. Never available for long this “Worlds Best Luxury Car” is perfectly prepped to drive off the showroom floor.

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