2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

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August 5, 2022
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August 5, 2022
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  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-8
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-9
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-10
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  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-15
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-16
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  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-20
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-21
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-22
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-23
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-24
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-25
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-26
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-27
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-28
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-29
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-30
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-31
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-32
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-33
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-34
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-35
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-36
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-37
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-38
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-39
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-40
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-41
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-42
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-43
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-44
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-45
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-46
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-47
  • 2012-Porsche-991-Carrera-S-Cabrio-Basalt-Black-48

Basalt Black | Convertible | 7 Speed PDK | 3.8 litre flat 6 | 66,042 kms | SOLD

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"The open-top variant of the 911 has always been characterised by a feeling of freedom and plenty of fresh air. When closed, the Cabriolet has the elegant silhouette of the 911 Coupé models, thanks to its fully automatic fabric hoods."

The seventh generation of the 911 was launched in 2012 and it sat on a new platform, with a longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs. It also featured new headlights and taillights. The overall shape of the car didn't change that much since 1963 and that is one element why the 911 became an iconic car, same as the VW Beetle and the Land Rover Defender.

The round headlights with the white DRLs strips underneath, installed on the bumper were one key-feature of the 2012 Porsche 911. The three air-scoops in the bumper amplified the sport look of the vehicle. Even in the convertible version, the seventh Porsche 911 kept its original shape. On top of the engine lid, there was an active wing that was risen on highway speeds to keep the car better planted on the road.

Inside, the Carrera S Cabriolet was fitted with comfort features and with a choice of seats, but all of them were sport-oriented with bolstering on the outside. For the infotainment unit, Porsche installed the PCM (Porsche Communication Management), with iOS compatibility. For Android users, the car-manufacturer offered a special application. The power-roof could open or close the top in 20 seconds at speeds up to 80 kilometres.

The last of Porsche’s naturally aspirated engines in the baseline 911 series, available here is an exceptionally well-kept type 911 Carrera S ordered in Basalt Black over Cashmere Beige and has travelled 66,042 kilometres.

Optional features include:

• Adaptive Sports seat plus

• Porsche Entry and drive

• Sport exhaust

• Sport chronograph Package

• Front and Rear sensors

• Heated front seats

• Porsche Active Suspension Management

Meticulously maintained this 911 is accompanied with all of its original keys and books documenting an impressive Porsche service history with its most recent service completed in June 2022. It is also coming with a factory extended warranty.

A credit to the previous owner and an asset to its next custodian, this excellently prepared 911 Carrera S convertible makes the perfect addition to any garage, poised to enliven your daily drive.

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