2013 Porsche 911 991 Turbo S MY2014

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December 11, 2023
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Rhodium Silver Metallic | Coupé | 7 Speed PDK | 3.8 litre Twin Turbo | 15,468 kms | AU$333,995

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When Porsche revealed the first 911 Turbo more than 40 years ago, it swiftly established itself as the new standard for high performance. Four decades of engineering evolution later, Porsche introduced the 911 Type 991 Turbo, a potent and unwaveringly functional model that undoubtedly stands as the ultimate and most practical supercar available today.

For a bit extra, you can opt for the more potent and engaging Turbo S.

The Turbo S is propelled by a 3.8 litre Twin Turbo flat-Six with Porsche’s "Variable Turbine Geometry" system and features four-wheel steering (as seen on the GT3RS), an active four-wheel-drive system, adaptive aerodynamics, Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes, dynamic engine mounts, and an active anti-roll system.

Behind the wheel in daily driving, the suspension feel is refined, the PDK transmission and engine operate smoothly, and the cabin is quiet, comfortable, and constructed to an exceptional standard of quality.

However, when you engage SPORTS PLUS and push the throttle, the Twin Turbo 3.8-litre flat-Six comes to life like the Millennium Falcon engaging hyperdrive, with all four wheels distributing the impressive 552hp to the road. The 911 Turbo S pulls away from anything and everything around it.

We're thrilled to introduce to the market this MY14 Porsche 911 Turbo S Type 991, ordered in Rhodium Silver Metallic over a Carrera red leather interior, with a mere 15,468 kilometers traveled from new. Accompanying the car is its Porsche leather wallet with a complete Porsche service history, along with an extended warranty and its spare key. This is a Turbo S for the true Porsche enthusiast.


• Light Design Package
• Ventilated Seats
• Sunroof
• Multifunction Steering Wheel in Leather
• Natural Leather Package
• Door Panel Leather Package
• Rear Compartment Leather Package
• Air Vent Slats in Leather
• Dashboard Leather Package
• Carbon PDK Gear Selector
• Transmission Tunnel Leather Package
• Porsche Embossed Head Rests
• Sports Seats with leather backs
• Carbon Door Sill Guards Illuminated

The 911 Turbo has remained a benchmark against which all other supercars are measured. Not content with merely delivering breathtaking performance and aggressive architecture, the 991 Turbo S is also incredibly usable as a daily driver and a weekend toy, with zero compromise in between.

Uniquely positioned and excellently prepared, this Turbo S is ready to drive off the showroom floor and add excitement to your daily commute.

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