2023 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder SWB Recreation

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May 9, 2024
2023 Aston Martin V12 Vantage
May 11, 2024
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Tour De France Blue | Roadster | 6 Speed Manual | 5.5 litre V12 | 270 km | AU$1,250,000

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Simply one of the most iconic cars of the 1960's, if not all time, The Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder is the most successful and coveted designs in automotive history.

Appealing to the ever-growing American market and targeted at Ferrari's sportiest clients, the California Spider was not luxuriously equipped. Much like the successful Porsche 356 Speedster, the 250 California was a pure driver's machine.

Most notably, it was the star in the 1986 blockbuster, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, famously being reversed off the back of a garage and falling to its demise. However, thankfully, this was not a genuine car.

Having notable custodians from wealthy business owners, car collectors to Hollywood's finest, the 250 California is the centerpiece of any car collection in the world, with prices fetching up to $30 million AUD.

This vehicle we have on our showroom floor was the brainchild of a client who wanted the perfect Ferrari. Over 7 years in the making, this vehicle was painstakingly developed from the ground up as a bespoke build inspired by the original 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder.

The build started in 2016 with the design of a semi-monocoque aluminium chassis. The body was developed specifically for the project in the US by Ferrari restoration specialist Bob Norwood.

The motor is a Ferrari 456 5.5L fuel-injected V12 sourced from the UK and has travelled just over 23,000 miles since new. It is mated to a brand new 6-Speed LSA manual transmission with hydraulic clutch bearings.

The suspension features a variety of both CNC billet aluminium push-rod suspension and adjustable billet coilover shock absorbers with quick-adjusting damping and polyurethane bushes throughout.

The high-end brake system is Brembo, and the discs are vented, slotted, and dimpled for precision braking. The wheels are period-correct Borrani Wheels.

The interior is made up of Nappa Italian leather in a Caramel Tan finish using only the highest quality leather custom ordered, in addition to the interior felts and carpets. The interior gauges, switches, and finishes are genuine Ferrari NOS sourced through specialists across the globe.

Assembled to the finished product was none other than Concours Sportscar Restoration, where over 10,000 meticulous hours were spent making this car as it sits today.

Accompanying the vehicle is a stack of files documenting the build, an original Ferrari toolkit, soft top, and two keys.

From the paintwork, fit and finish, to the interior, and most importantly, the drive, this car is absolutely astounding. What you drive away with is a modern interpretation of the most famous car in the world at a fraction of the price of the original.

In the flesh, it doesn't take long to appreciate the blood, sweat, tears, and pure craftsmanship that has gone into this car. Contact our sales team today.

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