1968 Citroën DS Safari

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French Bleu | Station Wagon | 4 Speed Manual | 2.3 litre | 24,995 kms showing | AU$74,995

WPCS 2.1.0

From the moment their first motorcar rolled out of its Quai de Javel factory in 1919, Citroën has articulated a sense of creativity, style, and innovation that is quite unlike any other automobile manufacturer in history.

One of the company’s most significant achievements came with the introduction of the DS in 1955. This revolutionary, other-worldly automobile shocked the public, the press, and Citroën’s competitors when it was unveiled at the 1955 Paris Salon.

Often imitated but never replicated, the Déesse (a French wordplay for Goddess), pioneered hydro-pneumatic suspension, assistance systems for steering, brakes and gearshifter, inboard disc brakes and headlights that could “see” around corners making the car one of the most engaging yet refined cars ever made to drive.

An overall design that Marcello Gandini famously said was madness from a business and industrial point of view and that was before he had seen the “Safari”

We are very excited to bring to market this unmistakably french designed station wagon which even still today presents to a factory standard and the unique paintwork has a depth of finish we rarely see. Everything from the correct badges down to the correct S.E.V Marchal headlight covers and this doesn’t stop In the interior with the perfect mix of the weird and the wonderful from the single spoke steering wheel and the retractable face to face seats in the boot.

Coming out of long term ownership from Victoria this Safari would make the perfect edition to an eclectic collection or a fantastic classic to get the family and go to that favourite beach or country outing.

The drive is also sensational, torquey, responsive and never ever boring- especially as it rises from the tarmac on start-up like a concord jet.

Unfortunately fewer than 300 Safari’s are known to survive today and numbers in Australia are even slimmer again. Because of this trend, overseas values are providing a big hint that anyone who wants a really good DS Pallas or Safari needs to act soon.

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