1984 Toyota Corolla Levin 1600 GT APEX

1965 Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi Samba
October 27, 2021
1972 Range Rover Suffix A
November 1, 2021
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  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-30
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-31
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-32
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-33
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-34
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-35
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-36
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-37
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-38
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-39
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-40
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-41
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-42
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-43
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-44
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-45
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-46
  • 1984-Toyota-Corolla-Levin-1600-GT-APEX-White-47

White | Coupé | 5 Speed Manual | 1.6 litre 4 cylinder | 81,516 kms |  


Already considered a classic among enthusiasts today, this compact car has become a favourite for drifters and has been featured in movies and comic books. The car has roots stemming from the Corolla/Sprinter, but when they changed the layout to FF (Front engine/Front drive), the sporty versions in the line-up, the Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno, remained rear-wheel drive.

The “8-6” (or hachi roku, as it was nicknamed in Japan for its chassis code) developed an immediate following because of its rear-drive layout, light weight, excellent handling and affordable price tag. It came in two shapes: a 3-door hatchback and a 2 door notchback. The main difference between the Levin and Trueno was the front end, where the former featured a horizontal grille and fixed headlights and the latter no grille and retractable headlights.

Providing power was the newly developed 4A-GEU, a 1.6 litre DOHC inline-4. This engine featured some of the day's most advanced technology, including EFI-D, which calculated fuel amount through a pressure sensor, and the T-VIS (Toyota Variable Induction System). This helped the four-cylinder to produce 128 BHP and 150Nm of torque.

It revved freely and quickly, and demonstrated excellent throttle response, making the car wonderfully controllable through tricky corners. The suspension, body and engine worked harmoniously together to provide real sports car attributes. It was this performance and personality that made the “8-6” loved by so many.

Here we have one of the best preserved examples available in Australia, complete with all its livery. Unmodified with just over 81,000kms it is finished in traditional white over three tone black/grey/red and everything you would want in this “halo” edition. Step inside, turn the key and the 80’s digital dash lights up with its vibrant display. The interior velour and trims are crisp and free from signs of age, truly a time warp, buttons and switches like new and the air-conditioning cold.

Delivered with two sets of keys, Japanese Owners Manual and even an original brochure, this is definitely one for the true JDM fan for quick sprints along that special road or to be the envy of everyone at the next cars and coffee. Contact the CTS team for more details today.

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