1989 VW Golf GTI 16V

1975 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior
June 14, 2023
1966 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL
June 16, 2023
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-1
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-2
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-3
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-4
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-5
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-6
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-7
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-8
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-9
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-10
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-11
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-12
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-13
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-14
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-15
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-16
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-17
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-18
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-19
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-20
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-21
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-22
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-23
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-24
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-25
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-26
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-27
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-28
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-29
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-30
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-31
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-32
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-33
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-34
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-35
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-36
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-37
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-38
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-39
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-40
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-41
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-42
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-43
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-44
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-45
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-46
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-47
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-48
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-49
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-50
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-51
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-52
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-53
  • 1989-VW-Golf-GTI-16V-Atlas-Grey-54

Helios Blue Metallic | Hatchback | 5 Speed Manual | 1.8 litre 16V | 91,337 kms |

WPCS 2.1.0

The MK2 Golf GTI was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1983 and like its predecessor, was well received by the press, with What Car Magazine awarding it “Car of the year 1985”.

The Volkswagen Golf Mk2 is the second generation of the Volkswagen Golf and the successor to the Volkswagen Golf MK1. It was Volkswagen’s highest volume seller from 1983 and ended in (German) production in late 1992, to be replaced by the Volkswagen Golf MK3. Exterior design, developed in-house by VW design director Herbert Schäfer, kept the general lines of its Giugiaro designed predecessor, but was slightly more rounded. All told, about 6.3 million second-generation Golfs were built.

This 1989 Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK2) is a wonderfully original, example of Wolfsburg’s iconic second-generation hot hatch, finished in the timeless combination of Helios Blue Metallic over a Grey chequered cloth interior. Powered by a 1.8 litre, 16v inline-four engine coupled to a manual gearbox, this example shows 91,337 kilometres on the odometer.

First registered in 1989, this Left-Hand-Drive Japanese-supplied Golf has been in the care of the vendor for the last years, during which time it has been maintained and reconditioned by Corse Automotive and kept in its original condition,

The paintwork is believed to be original and presents in fantastic condition. The chequered interior presents in great condition throughout, and is again believed to be the original interior. Carpets, steering wheel, gear knob and other main contact points are also in great condition.

Sold with its original books and receipts, this MK2 Volkswagen Golf GTI is a smart example of the rare limited-edition modern classic hot hatch, offered in highly original condition. Finished in the model-exclusive hue of Helios Blue Metallic and featuring a few distinctive touches, it would make a discerning addition to any assembly of iconic modern classics, and a rewarding companion for retro daily driving, weekend sprints, and car show visits alike.

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