1996 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

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August 15, 2022
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August 15, 2022
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Rosso Corsa | Coupé | 6 Speed Manual | 3.5 litre V8 | 87,079 kms | SOLD

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Launched at the 1994 Geneva International Motorshow, the Ferrari F355 boasted leading edge automotive engineering and was quoted by Road & Track magazine as having “probably the best sports-car engine ever made” (October 1994 Issue). The undisputed champion within its class the F355 is 95% aesthetically and mechanically different to its predecessor, the F348 for all the right reasons.

Engineered to excite the F355 is lean, incredibly agile and broke records at the time for the specific output of a naturally aspirated production car engine – delivering a whopping 380hp from a lightweight 3.5 litre V8.

The last of the great wedge profiles penned by Pininfarina, an aerodynamic fiberglass under tray that sucks the car to the road, electronic dampers to calculate road speed, brake pressure, suspension load and steering movements, and a centrally mounted flat-plane V8 capable of launching the car from 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, the F355 has a depth of brilliance no other manufacturer could match and is arguably more wholly more engaging driving experience than any modern Ferrari on offer today.

A few years ago, the previous owner carried out a large amount of work to the modern classic. From exterior to interior and engine bay, any imperfection was rectified and to correct original standards so the pedigree is not effected. The original radio is still fitted, the switch gear and dials are crystal clear and the original chrome gated manual shifter is a sight for sore eyes.

Delivered new into Australia by Lance Dixon in 1996, this Cavallino has had only a handful of owners who each travelled an average of under 3,500 km per year.

Accompanied by the original leather bound log books, this well documented F355 also features a swathe of servicing receipts attesting to its meticulous maintenance most recently benefited from a major service completed by Ferrari Sydney.

Conjuring more hp per litre than the V12 in the McLaren F1, the F355 was and still is an excitingly fast car.

As values continue to climb internationally it becomes ever harder to find and purchase great examples like this especially rare Australian delivered, manual coupé in near perfect condition. A viewing is an absolute must of this iconic Ferrari.

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