2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt

1967 Mercedes-Benz 250 SL
June 15, 2022
1968 Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato
June 17, 2022
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Dark Highland Green | Coupé | 6 Speed Manual | 5.0 litre V8 | 1,177 kms | AU$114,995

WPCS 2.1.0

The 1968 hit movie Bullitt was remembered by all for the most epic car chase ever captured on film with the famous Highland Green De-Badged Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback driven by the king of cool, Steve McQueen, in hot pursuit of the menacing black Dodge charger.

Let’s fast forward 51 years later after the release of the modern Ford Mustang, finally offered in factory right-hand drive. Ford celebrated the famous car with its new facelift model by building a limited-edition car labelled the Mustang Bullitt.

Unveiled at the Detroit Motorshow in 2018 the Bullitt features the 5.0 naturally aspirated V8 from the standard GT but it has been upgraded with the intake manifold lifted straight from the Shelby GT350, larger throttle body, an impressive open airbox, MagnaRide adaptive dampers, Torsen limited-slip rear differential, Six-Piston Brembo brakes and a symphonic active sports exhaust system.

We are excited to offer this one-owner, almost brand new 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt with a mere 1,170 kilometres from new.

Presented in its period correct Dark Highland Green Metallic Paintwork, Bullitt badges and wheels styled like American Racing Torque Thrust mags and only offered in a 6-speed manual, this Mustang is not just a pretty face.

There’s also a number of luxuries included in the package; like electric leather seats with heating and ventilation, Apple Carplay, digital tachometer display where you can change to multiple styled gauges and Bang & Olufsen 1000-watt 12 Speaker Sound System.

One for the avid Bullitt fan, collector or even the discerning enthusiast looking for an engaging daily drive, this Mustang is epic as soon as you push-to-start.

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