1997 Toyota Camry CSi

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August 11, 2021
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Orpheus Red Metallic | Sedan | 4 Speed Automatic | 2.2 litre 4 cylinder | 14,522 kms | AU$14,995


The Toyota Camry has been a staple household name in Australia for over 3 decades. For many, it's been a dependable and practical family car.

In the mid-1990s Toyota was doing its utmost to compete with Holden and Ford, and with Australians still head-over-heels in love with the Commodore and Falcon, the Camry punched well above its weight with build quality, economy and reliability.

Released in 1997, (remember the chicken ads) The XV20 Camry and Vienta were the company’s main weapons in the war for the family car buck for anyone prepared to logic rather than emotion whilst still contributing to the local manufacturing. A familiar sight on the morning school runs or as a second family car the new style Camry was engineered for Australia and proved to be a tremendous boost to Aussie exports as well.

So what makes this example so special? Well where most of this examples of this Aussie Icon still going strong with 300,000kms, this time warp example has yet to travel to its first scheduled service.

Sold new by Fergusons Toyota Pennant Hills, Sydney and ordered in stunning Orpheus Red that still carries a brilliant depth of original finish, this Camry CSi has travelled a miniscule 14,500kms and features the optional remote central locking, air-conditioning and automatic transmission.

Built here in Australia it bears zero signs of age, a credit to its last owner and an asset to its next. The drive is ultra-smooth, all switchgear is functional, seats and carpet crisp and the new car smell is sill there.

Whilst it may not wear a European badge of collectability, obscure and collectible Toyota’s are fast becoming a must have for enthusiasts looking for a connection to their younger days or a step back in time to point where life was just that little bit different.

Complete with owners manuals and service books, it is offered with its first Fergusons Toyota scheduled service ready for its new owner.

An opportunity to own a landmark Toyota from a time gone-bye unlike any other.

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