2019 Alpine A110 Légende Edition

1972 Renault Alpine A110
July 3, 2023
1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4
July 4, 2023
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Glacier White | Coupé | 7 Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic | 1.8 litre Turbocharged 4 Cylinder | 18,820 kms | AU$124,995

WPCS 2.1.0

Jean Rédélé's giant killer Alpines fitted with Renault power trains are regarded as some of the greatest race and rally cars of all time.

The new Alpine A110, inspired by its predecessor is a class leading classic light-weight, mid-engined and rear drive sports car re-imagined for the modern day and out and out the most fun you can experience on four wheels.

The Alpine A110 is the perfect example of this old-meets-new philosophy, combining styling cues from the iconic A110 Berlinette with cutting-edge design features and technologies. The result? An agile and thrilling ride like nothing that’s come before.

Originally tailor-made for competition, Alpine vehicles excelled on the motor rally circuit in the 1950s and 60s. Then, increasingly, the focus became endurance races, notably the Le Mans 24 Hours – the most celebrated event on the sports car calendar.

Alpine clocked up many racing accolades during its existence, including winning the 1973 World Rally Championship, but tasted perhaps its sweetest victory yet in 1978 by winning the event and recording the fastest-ever average speed at the time — at 210 kph.

We are very excited to bring to market this Alpine A110 Légende in showroom condition. Already packing all the power and might and barely run in with only 18,820 kilometres on the clock, this Legende highlights the character of a GT with extra options like the six-way adjustable Comfort seats upholstered in black leather and the Premium Focal® audio system. The high-gloss carbon fibre cabin trim and unique 18-inch diamond-diamond cut “Légende” wheels enhance the refined personality of the A110 Légende for everyday use.

Accompanied with a full service history and 2 keys gives this youngtimer the best footing to become a future classic.

Whether it’s a dash into work or along runout into the country side, you will always feel the nostalgic connection to the 70s A110 that Jean-Claude Andruet used to win the 1973 rally of Monte Carlo.

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